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Agnitio joins hands with Anxin and Bayer to master the detection of key raw materials and upgrade the local supply chain

Tue 21, 2022.

With the epidemic trend of influenza, multiple detection products in the "post-epidemic era" have gradually become mainstream.

In December last year, Huanyi Technology, which develops in vitro test reagents "with microfluidic technology", obtained the special manufacturing license for the "New Crown Multiple Antibody Rapid Test Reagent" developed by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

In order to master the supply chain of key antibody and antigen raw materials, Huanyi Technology announced that it has formed a joint venture with BioAb, a subsidiary of Tuerce, a domestic biologics raw material supplier, and strategic partner Croyez Bioscience. Cooperation to shorten supply chain distances, stabilize raw material quality and strengthen localized production.


Using microfluidic technology to step forward from allergen detection to rapid screening of new crown antibodies 

Huanyi Technology, located in Hsinchu Science Park, was established in 2001. Its core technology mainly combines microfluidics, microarrays, image analysis processing and surface treatment technologies to successfully develop "Microfluidics Technology Platform (BioIC)", which The technology has obtained 17 patents in Taiwan, the United States, China and other countries.

On the BioIC platform, Huanyi Technology developed the first "Automated Microfluidic Allergen Immunoassay System" that can detect 40 allergens at one time. Medical institutions have established access routes and are sold in Poland, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Outer Mongolia and other countries.

In 2020, COVID-19 is raging all over the world, and rapid detection has become an important tool for epidemic prevention. Academia Sinica has developed a prototype of novel coronavirus antigen rapid screening and serum antibody detection technology and started the biological material transfer process. Huanyi, which started as a platform, has stepped into allergen detection. New coronary pneumonia antibody rapid screening development.


the accuracy of microfluidic system is better than that of lateral flow rapid screening

After obtaining biological materials from the Academia Sinica, Huanyi authorized the "Multiple Re-Coronavirus Rapid Test Reagent", which was further developed in cooperation with the General Hospital of the Three Military Services. In December last year, it obtained the special manufacturing license of the Ministry of Health and Welfare. Its products have been completed in Taoyuan Hospital of the Ministry of Health and Welfare. One hundred cases were completed. Positive specimen clinical test.

tsai Jinhong, general manager of Huanyi Technology, said that, different from the traditional rapid screening using nitrocellulose membrane lateral flow technology, Huanyi's proprietary BioIC platform uses automated microfluidic chemical luminescence immunoassay technology, and its accuracy is higher than that of lateral flow rapid screening. (Lateral flow assay), and only a very small amount of sample is required, and the entire assay can get results within 30 minutes.


In addition, this product can detect four different antibodies at one time, including the new coronavirus N2 protein, RBD protein, and two S proteins.

By obtaining different antibody response results, it is possible to further understand that the antibodies produced by the tester are neutralizing antibodies produced by infection or vaccination.

tsai Jinhong said, "Huanyi's product advantages are multi-targets that can be detected at one time. When the demand is more complex, Huanyi's product advantages will be more prominent.

" A variety of coronavirus antigens or other respiratory infections such as AB influenza virus, Streptococcus pneumoniae, etc., to meet the needs of multiple antibody detection in the post-epidemic era.


Join hands with Anxin and Bayer to master key raw materials and upgrade the local supply chain

Under the epidemic, not only scientific and technological epidemic prevention materials such as vaccines, drugs, and testing, but also key raw materials such as antigens, antibodies, and molecular proteins required for R&D/manufacturing of these products are in urgent need.

tsai Jinhong said that most of Huanyi's existing allergen products are purchased from abroad, but the quality is often unstable, and partner manufacturers are constantly changing. Therefore, Huanyi also began to think about local production and manufacturing during the epidemic. importance.

In the early stage of the development of COVID-19 antibody rapid screening products, Huanyi met Bayer International, which has a new generation of antibody research and development technology in China, and Anxin Biotechnology, a supplier of high-end biologics raw materials. The target concept of "development" hits the spot, and the cooperation plan is launched.

tsai Jinhong said that the most important thing after product development is the market, and the stable source of raw materials is very important; Bayer and Anxin can not only make customized adjustments according to the Huanyi platform at any time, but also provide stable and reliable localized production. High quality raw materials.

After Huanyi cooperates with Bayer International and Anxin Biotechnology, Bayer will continue to supply new crown raw materials to assist Huanyi in the development of the next generation of new coronary pneumonia detection products, and Anxin will provide allergen materials to assist Huanyi with allergens Products, towards the detection of molecular protein antibodies.


(Report/Peng Zihan)


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