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Agnitio Science & Technology, established in 2001 in Hsinchu, the center of Taiwan's high-tech and semiconductor industries, is one of the leading microfluidics technology and information infrastructure providers to the global healthcare and life science industry.

As a core infrastructure company, Agnitio innovates and commercializes designs, process and manufacturing technologies that enable our partners to meet the vigorous demands of reliability, cost-effectiveness and biosafety in implementation of versatile applications for point-of-care immunoanalysis and on-site molecular profiling.

Agnitio's mission is to be the leading integrator and enhancer of platform technologies for the Point-of-Care Immunoanalysis and on-site molecular profiling analysis worldwide through expansion of customers' product spectrum and enhancement of customers' productivity.

Agnitio has received ISO 13485 certificate of registration from BSI Group for the Company's Quality Management System in specific IgE allergen profiling system based our BioIC platform technology in the diagnostics market for point-of-care quantitative analysis. ISO 13485 is a regulatory certification for the international medical device industry.

In addition, based on our platform technologies, Agnitio is delivering our core competence of integrating system, service and solutions to information-based diagnostic medicine and industry to convert versatile immunological analysis into the point-of-care quantitative analysis in quality at a cost-effective manner. 
Moreover, the cost of expansion into new diagnostics protocols is kept low by exploiting our platform technologies, which allow the applications of many tests without re-developing the whole system.

Agnitio commands strong intentions to establish strategic collaborations in order to expand applications of our platform technologies and to accelerate the commercialization of products for our customers.

These collaborations are conducted in various forms depending on applications and economical geography, including research and development agreements, licensing agreements and joint ventures. 
These collaborations permit integration of Agnitio's platform technologies and our partners' resources, which allow us to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions, products and services to the healthcare and biotechnology industry.



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