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Microfluidic System

Microfluidic System

The microfluidic cartridge is business card-like size incorporated five reagent delivery channels consisting of storage tanks and unidirectional pumps, a single reaction zone in which allergen extracts are immobilized. Allergen extract targets, positive and negative controls, and calibration standards were immobilized within the cartridge as a microarray. A computer-controlled solenoid array provided the necessary actuation force for pumping reagents within the cartridge to perform an automated, chemiluminescent indirect immunoassay. The microfluidic system provides an inexpensive multiplexed assay format that dramatically reduces the complexity of the analysis instrumentation while still providing rapid automated analysis for low-volume specific allergen testing. The system leads to the possibility of performing analysis with a very limited quantity of samples, and only need 1.1 mL of total reagent.