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Academia Sinica develops 15-minute antigen quick screening, 5 domestic manufacturers complete technology transfer

June 19 ,2020.

Academia Sinica has successfully developed a 15-minute antigen rapid screening technology for the new coronavirus pneumonia (Wuhan pneumonia). It can test for infection. At present, 5 domestic reagent manufacturers have completed the technology transfer, and other domestic manufacturers are also negotiating.
The 15-minute Wuhan pneumonia antigen rapid screening detection technology developed by the Academia Sinica can detect whether a patient is infected within 1 to 2 days of infection. Most of the antibody rapid screening used internationally requires a long period of infection before detection. to the presence of antibodies. Therefore, since the start of the technology transfer procedure for the rapid antigen screening technology of the Academia Sinica, 5 domestic reagent manufacturers have completed the technology transfer, and 5 to 6 foreign manufacturers are also negotiating. In addition, the Academia Sinica Technology Transfer Office announced that the new coronavirus antigen detection device developed by the Yang Ansui laboratory team of the Academia Sinica will be reviewed according to the status of product development by manufacturers. As of June 10, the list of non-exclusive authorized manufacturers will be granted. Including Yingfang Co., Ltd., Taibo Technology Co., Ltd., Baoling Fujin Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Formosa Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. and Dongyao Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and may continue to be updated in the future. As for the part of the antibody rapid screening device, the authorized manufacturers Agnitio and Science Technology Inc and Formosa Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. have been authorized.
The Intellectual Property Office also stated that these non-exclusive authorized manufacturers who have obtained antigen detection technology are currently actively deploying domestic and foreign testing reagent markets. Organizations that are interested in cooperation can negotiate licensing with Academia Sinica, and manufacturers who are interested in the sales of reagent products can also consult with the authorized manufacturers of antigen rapid screening devices.